Cotton or wool for a polo shirt?

Which one looks better on a polo shirt? The pattern uses cotton, but the brand I know that is sold here is more expensive than wool. But I’ll go for cotton if it makes a large difference in appearance.

I’ve always seen polo shirts in cotton.

thanks Namwan

There are lots of inexpensive cotton blends. I wouldn’t use wool (unless you are for sure) b/c many people have allergies to wool. I am not ~allergic~ per se but when it touches my skin I begin to ITCH~! Cotton is soft/ machine washable and comes in boccoos of colors~:thumbsup:
I think my favoritism is showing here~!:aww:

i vote for cotton too. maybe you could find one more in your budget range?

I’d definitely agree with cotton. Wool would be way hot.

I’ll try to. They don’t have much cotton yarn here :frowning:

this is just a few that I know of~

You can buy in bulk from these guys (often little knits will have a full bag sale) and you could possibly get it that way. or you could use (they have some REally inexpensive yarn) . I don’t know how much shipping is but since it’s going all the way to Thailand might as well buy in bulk if you have the cash~ Just my two cents~!:thumbsup:

Being in Asia, you might be better off buying from an Australian website. … Heritage do a great cotton!

I would also use cotton unless the climate is particularly cold and even then I may use a different stitch technique to thicken the cotton rather than revert to wool particularly when a polo shirt in an extremely cold climate will tend to be used as an undershirt and you want something that will breathe and hold warmth and not get smelly too quickly.

Unless you’re using super-fine yarn, I’d go for a cotton-acrylic blend. Cotton is very heavy and tends to sag, but the acrylic keeps it looking nice.

Plymouth Jeannee, Lion Brand Cotton Ease, and Rowan Calmer are some examples. I’ve used the Jeannee for some projects, and it’s very soft and inexpensive.

I agree with the acrylic blend in terms of keeping shape…however…in their humid climate cotton would be cooler. I guess it depends on what the garment is for and perhaps the size of the person. If it is a small mens or womens it probably will hold shape fairly well, particularly if knitted on smaller needles. But yes, cotton can tend to get bigger quickly - commercial cotton garments I mean. I try and ONLY buy cotton rather than mixes simply for comfort but admit they do alter shape unless treated well.

Have you decided WHAT or WHO TO buy from yet~!:??

I tried all the links above. Some sites didn’t ship to Thailand, and some were too expensive when I added the shipping costs (including the Australia one). So I guess I’ll have to buy it here, which will cost me approximately $67. It’s 60% cotton, 40% acrylic . I’ve used it for dishcloths and they’re really nice.

I saw some cheaper baby cotton yesterday, but I thought they were too small for my shirt. The mercerized cotton ones were cheap, but I’ve only used normal cotton. Does anyone know what it’s like?