Cotton -- less than ideal for fair isle/stranded, or okay?

I’m thinking I’d like to try something stranded in the yarn my Secret Yarn Swap Pal sent me, Patons Bumblebee, 100% cotton, 22 st/4 inches, since it would be such a cute combination of pastels. However, is cotton not the best for stranded knitting since it doesn’t have the “stretch” and give that wool does?

Anyone know of some free cute but SIMPLE fair isle baby sweater patterns?

I honestly don’t know. I do know that i am working on a stranded project that uses 100% acrylic, so I guess it doesn’t have to be wool. :??

You can use cotton, just make sure you spread out the stitches on your right needle consistently as you strand.

Also remember that cotton shrinks, so it can tighten up those floats to be too tight if you’re not careful. Why not knit something intarsia?

Only way to be (almost) sure:
knit a swatch that includes the stranded pattern;
wash and dry it as you would the finished sweater.

Try to use a pattern with short floats since the floats won’t “attach” themselves to the back as they tend to do with wool after the piece is worn several times.