Cotton for children's clothing

I am going to knit a Cascade 220 pattern for a little girl’s dress. But really don’t want to use the Cascade for a summer dress. What cotton could I subsitute or something else you may recommend for it. I would like something that would hold it’s shape and wash well.

Cascade Cotton Club is about 4.5 sts/inch and it’s a lovely cotton in loads of colors. It can be heavy depending on the detail in the dress (cables, for example) but it does wash nicely and hold the color.

Lion Cottonease is a cotton/acrylic blend that may work; it’s worsted and wears well.

My go to yarn for kids is Plymouth Jeannee. It’s a cotton/acrylic blend and washes easily.

i use acrylic for my kids

I recently found knit picks Brava and love it!

I’m working on dresses for my three grand-girls (6, 8, and 9 years) and I chose to use a cotton/acrylic blend because of how 100% cotton stretches and loses shape. I went with Filatura Lanarota Cool Cotton because 1) it is a blend that has great reviews on Ravelry and 2) it was on sale in acceptable colors on

Be aware that the pics of colors at on-line sites may be a little off so you may want to go to Ravelry and check out the yarn color in other people’s stashes to get a better idea of the actual color. For example, color #54 in the pic on looks purple but it is actually more magenta (purpley-red-violet) than it looks. I checked Ravelry before I bought it to make sure and when I received it, it really was a deep magenta (which is what the 6 y/o wanted).