Cotton Fleece

Has anybody knitted with Cotton Fleece? Do you like it and does it wash up good? I knitted a tank with Berroco Touche and it was great to knit with but it washed terrible. My tank is ruined :frowning:

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece? I love it!!! It requires handwashing…love it :smiley:

I love brown sheep cotton fleece, but make sure you swatch beforehand. It grows.

I’ve had no problems washing it in the machine, but again, swatch and wash.

I’ve also used it and loved it!! It knits up beautifully. I did recently machine wash and dry a baby hat I made and it held up well, but did shrink a bit in the dryer.

I’m happy to hear that it held up with washing and drying!! I’m going to wash/dry a swatch & if I like the way it turns out, I will do a tank for my granddaughter with it…I have a bright pink that wants to be her tank :wink:

I really like it too–I’ve only hand washed it so far, but I may try out the washer and dryer when I get lazy. :wink:

Oh I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE Cotton Fleece! In fact, I’m wearing a cotton fleece green gable as I type this. I’ve only hand washed it and laid it flat to dry, but it’s held up absolutely beautifully. I’m not brave enough to stick it in the washing machine yet. Maybe I’ll swatch, wash and dry, too.

Thanks everybody for all the imput. I just bought the bright pink for a tank in the yarn girls’ guide to beyond the basics. I knitted it in KnitPicks Shine Worsted and loved it but wanted to try a different yarn. I am going to teach a class and my LYS needs a sample of the tank in their store.