Cotton Ease is back!

I am so excited. I have been looking for an affordable cotton blend. They really aren’t that easy to find. Anyway, is the link. I’m sorry, I couldn’t make the stupid code work!

Oh cool! I’ll have to check that out. It might be great for summer tanks!

What code couldn’t you figure out?


There was no “http:” and your closing url tag had a \ instead of a /.

I haven’t tried the Lion Brand’s “Cotton Ease” yarn, but I bought some of Bernat’s “Denim Style” the other day to use to make a summer hat. I knitted up a gauge swatch and the yarn seems very nice to work with–it feels very soft and cottony, but has some “bounce” in it (from the acrylic I guess?). I’ll have to see how it works up, but all in all, I was pretty pleased from my gauge swatch with the results. The yarn seemed to me to be almost better being a cotton blend because it has more give to it than 100% cotton yarn. Denim Style has less cotton than the Cotton Ease’s (70% acrylic, 30% cotton for Denim Style and 50% acrylic, 50% cotton for Cotton Ease), but the gauge is almost exact. I’m curious to see how the two compare. Cotton Ease has some pretty colors, too! :inlove:

I made a sweater from the Denim Style and it was so nice and fluffy to work with. However, when I washed it, a lot of the fluff was lost and the sleeves stretched out about 6 inches!! I’m redoing the whole thing in smaller needles (7mm) and I think it will work out all right.


Sue, so do you recommend using smaller needles then with the Denim Style? I would be devastated if this happened with a garment…I’ve had problems with a couple of hats that I knitted “growing” on me, but it’s not like they took a whole lot of work (they’re just fun, goofy hats I knitted out of novelty yarn). Usually I need to go up a needle size to knit to get to gauge, but do you recommend maybe staying at the needle size to combat that stretching problem?

I generally use needles larger than what’s recommended on everything. I knit at a medium or loose tension, but I just don’t like using needles smaller than 10/6mm. I believe most patterns with Denim Style are on size 8/5mm. I used 7.5 mm for most of it and will now go down to 7mm for the whole thing. I think what happened here was the sleeves got caught up on something in the washing machine and got stretched out; the body wasn’t so bad.

I’m not devastated about it, I just shrug and say, `oh well’ and redo. It’s a liitle annoying because I figured I was done with it.


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I used Denim Style for my first sweater. It’s a little too large, but that is because I knit the wrong size. I haven’t noticed a huge problem with it stretching myself. :shrug:

I noticed the new Cotton Ease and have never seen the new or old in person. Is it nice and soft? Would it be good for a cotton cardigan?

It is really nice! A bit heavier than the microspun and way softer than Sugar and Cream or Lion Cotton. It shouldn’t be soo heave for a cardigan; I made a `cardi-shrug’ with it and it turned out very well.


  • cardi-shrug is my invention - it’s a sweater that’s about waist length or a bit more, with long sleeves, but it’s narrow on the fronts so it doesn’t quite meet in the middle. I like to wear them open rather than fastened.

I know. I had tried playing around with it, because when I did it the first time, it just wouldn’t work. So I switched it up in an attempt to avoid a SUE problem. But alas, it was indeed a SUE problem. I didn’t include the http, because normally you don’t if the address is a www addy.

But when you post a clickable link, you need the http:// part too. I think it doesn’t click unless you do.


Actually mine don’t generally work if I keep the http. I usually have to take that out and start mine with www. But for some reason, the cache link needed the http. I don’t know!