cotton dishcloth

I’ve only been knitting a few years and just small projects. I make the lace edge diagonal dish cloths for gifts. I’ve always had a problem with the decrease side…the lace holes are bigger and towards the corner it gets elongated. So it ends up not very square. I realize this is probably a tension problem, but I just can’t figure it out. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!

Welcome to KH!
The elongated corner might be due to the larger eyelets.
The easiest thing to do may be to tighten up a bit when you make the yarn over so that you’ll get a smaller eyelet when you knit or purl into the stitch on the next row.
Are your yarn overs between 2 knit sts or between a knit and a knit2tog?

You could try wrapping the yo clockwise and then knitting into the back loop to untwist it on the next row.

I gave up on the eyelets and went to sl1, k1, kfb, knit to end. Then I do sl1, k1, k2tog when I’m ready to decrease. I like it a better but it’s knitter’s choice.

Thanks for the welcome and the advice!
I do try to tighten with some success. The yo’s are between 2 knit2tog’s.

Thanks, I’ll try these! Why did you give up on the eyelets?:blush:

Because I have the same problem. I know it’s just a dishrag but it bothers me when I work on it. I’m not sure I did the yo backwards thing. And I like the solid borders too.

It bothers me, too! Especially when I’m making one for someone. When you see pics of them they’re pretty square. My sister(a knitter, too)says it because they are blocked, but hers are more square than mine & she doesn’t block! Oh, well!
One thing I tried was using a smaller needle on the decrease side. Didn’t make much difference.

Thanks for taking the time to respond!

I would think that all the washing and drying of the dishcloth probably evens out the eyelets too.
Good luck with it. I’m sure you’ll find a technique that works for you. And let us see photos please. We love to see your finished projects.