Cotton dishcloth issues


I have been viewing posts regarding dishcloth patterns and the cotton yarn used. I also posted a question the other day about shrinkage of the Sugar n Cream cotton yarn. I love the colors and have found it fun to work with too. Anyway, while I was looking further, I found a post (with a website included) by newamy on knittinghelp website from October of 2006 and thought the article linked was really interesting. So here it is again for anyone who may be interested and possibly didn’t see it a few months ago. Again, thank you everyone for all the great information on knittinghelp!

Here is the link:


Well gosh, I’m glad I made that article link.

You know I suppose the sugar and Cream does shrink a bit, but I havne’t had too much trouble with it. If I am knitting a design with back and forth rows I just make sure my finished length is at least and inch more than my width. Otherwise it shrinks into a rectangle.

This is the article I was trying to find a while ago, when somebody asked about bleaching cotton. Thanks for writing it and thanks for posting it again. this time I’ve bookmarked it.


Thank you for the link that compared the 5 different cotton yarns. I have to disagree with the lady regarding her assessment of Lily Sugar ‘n’ Cream. Not to win a case…but to warn other knitters of what to expect!

MY Sugar ‘n’ Cream (by LILY) dishcloths are horrid.
They (6) used to be a bright, merry, buttercup yellow, and 2 bright white.

I will never use Sugar n’n Cream again! :wall: Although they are functional…functionality alone is not the reason I took time to knit them. If I just wanted functionality, I would buy generic dishcloths at my Fred Meyer. Isn’t it sad looking? (2nd photo down) I could bleach the tar out of it to remove stains…but doesn’t bleach compromise the strength of the cotton? Even the white dishcloths I made are now a sad grey.

I used MicroSpun this January whilst Stash-busting…what a wonderful surprise! They seem to be holding up beautifully. They suck up a lot of moisture, and pick up crumbs really well. They also dry faster than Sugar ‘n’ Cream when hung on the sink between uses.

Well, that is my 2 cents worth.

The microspun ones are so pretty! I’ll have to give them a try! How are they with staining…like coffee. :shifty:

Hi Jan,

No Stains Whatsoever! That is the neat thing! I make VERY STRONG, VERY BLACK Starbucks coffee…am wiping up spills and grounds all the time. I grind my own, and they are always all over the place. The MicroSpun dishcloths don’t even take a stain let alone hold a stain! Nothin’!

I am very happy with them.

:happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

[color=indigo]How very interesting…I just can’t imagine how acrylic fibers can absorb and hold liquids. :?? And of course that’s why it doesn’t stain…what a plus. :cheering: May have to try it out just for fun. :teehee: [/color]