Cotton Chenille

Is this a new yarn? I’ve never seen it before but apparently it is very popular. Has anyone ever made anything with it? Is it as nice as what I’ve read about it?

I’ve never touched it, just seen it in photos. But I don’t like working with chenille to begin with, and this looks similar to all other chenilles. It sheds and if you make a mistake, the yarn is never as nice once you’ve frogged it. The sts and rows “travel” if you know what I mean-- they tend to do a Leaning Tower of Pisa thing.

Cotton chenille, like the one from crystal palace, is a whole lot different than acrylic chenille, like the ones from Lion and Caron. Much easier to deal with.

I’ve got some cotton chenille but I’ve not knit with it yet. There’s a pattern in the ‘pattern a day’ calender thing for a cotton chenille baby jacket that I want to try :slight_smile:

I’ll have to try the cotton chenile… I tried the acrylic chenile and it ended up in a lump in my knitting. Just by throwing the yarn, I basically shredded the chenile plies…

Cotton chenille is better than acrylic chenille which, IMO, isn’t worth knitting with. Try knitting at a tighter gauge than usual (eg, smaller needles) to help prevent “worming,” the sudden appearance of loops on the surface. Yes, it sheds, so knit carefully and don’t make any mistakes that require frogging (lots of luck).

Wool chenille, if you can find it, is even better. Best of all is a blended chenille – wool core, microfiber outside – called “Touch Me” by Muench. After you’re done knitting, you throw the FO into a hot washer and dryer. The wool part shrinks and felts, the microfiber fluffs up, and you end up with something that looks like the most fabulous velvet. Expensive, but an experience to knit with – even a short scarf or collar.