Cotton Baby Top from Vintage Pattern with Vintage Yarn

I’ve been working on this cotton baby top since August, and was so pleased to finish it this weekend! :slight_smile:

I used a pattern from a Bear Brand Baby Book from the 1950’s.

The cotton yarn came from an old knitting kit I bought on eBay. It’s called “Cotton Carole” by Jessan.

I really like the look of the fabric made with that yarn. The stitch was 1 x 1 ribbing throughout.

When I finished the top, it looked kind of empty without any decoration

So, I embroidered a little flower on the front, using some linen embroidery thread.

What an adorable top!!! I like the texture.

Simple, but very cute!

That is so cute! It’s perfect for that yarn!

very cute - I love your embellishment!

Sweet, the embroidered flower is just the right touch.

Thanks! I love the texture also. The yarn is an interesting thick & thin spin (mostly thin). It was fun to knit, and felt wonderful flowing through my fingers. Each row added a teeny bit to the length, because the yarn was so thin. But, I just love the finished fabric!

I’m hoping that simple is what the baby’s parents want. I wish I had been able to knit when my boys were little. I would definitely have made a top like this for them. (with a different embellishment, of course!) :teehee:

Thanks Jan! When I got that yarn, I couldn’t decide what I would make with it. Then, when I looked through that vintage pattern book, I glanced over and saw that yarn…BINGO! :thumbsup:

Thank you! I’ve been doing embroidery since I was a young girl. I think it’s best to do a [U]small[/U] bit of embroidery, to keep it looking clean and bright. I considered doing a blanket stitch all along the edges, but decided that would not look right. I’m very happy with the little blossom. :heart:

Very cute and I really like the color.

Wonderful work! I simply ADORE IT!!!

I just love knitting with natural colored yarn. It’s MUCH softer than dyed yarn. I’m going to miss knitting that little top.

cloud9 Thanks Dollyce!


Very cute!! :happydance:

What a perfect match the pattern and yarn are! Gorgeous!!

Well done!

Quick and simple - just my sort of project. The little flower is brilliant!

I’m not sure if you’d have had much time to knit when your boys were younger if you knew how to then. Mind you, I [I]did[/I] manage to knit a [I]little[/I] bit for my daughter.


Very pretty and sweet! Nice work.

Pure and Simple . I love it :slight_smile:

Thank you all so much!
And Tamar…you’re right. I would NOT have had time to knit a single thing for them. :teehee: I did manage to crochet a baby bag for my youngest, but he outgrew it the first week. :roll:

Oooo, nice! That will be very comfortable for a baby to wear.

Very nice project. That old pattern book looks intriguing too.


GrandmaLori, I LOVE that book. It is filled to the brim with lots of knitting patterns. I have a lot of vintage knitting books, and am always amazed at how many patterns are in them.