Cottage Yarn is having a Mountain Retreat in NC!

Yes I did! :teehee:

I sent her an email about all the nice things you all had to say.


fun there today…so many tables of yarn…
such amazing prices even more amazing quality & selection… :x: :blooby:

I wish I could have gone! :verysad:

I was busy playing organ for a wedding, and didn’t get back home until 5:00. :cry:

Cottage Yarn is having a retreat the end of March!!! It will be alot of fun. the details will be on the website soon.
you can get on their email list for their newsletters…

:blooby: :x: :blooby:

retreat info now on website!!!11

Two and a half hours :verysad: :pout: Don’t think hubby would let me drive that far- even if she does have mmmmm

Poor Eloewien…:pout:

Don’t feel too bad though. I live nearby, and I STILL haven’t had a chance to go this week. :???:

This week? poor you- I haven’t been to my LYS in ages and I’m too broke to hit up the labor day sale this weekend :frowning:

Well, it’s actually been over two weeks since I went there. I had wanted to go when they had the big sale, but I had to play organ for a wedding, which took my whole day. Bummer. So, I MISSED THE BIG SALE! :wall:

I am so jealous! I have one LYS and she is pretty small…but that is just a knitter’s dream…It has such a cozy feel to it, like you want to sit and knit all day. You are lucky :wink:

Here is the webpage about the Cottage Yarn retreat in the North Carolina mountains! :heart:

I have never been to a knitting retreat, but the idea is [U]so [/U]appealing to me. I live in Asheville and I would certainly go to the Burnsville retreat if I could, but the last week in March is always spring break for my 8-year-old’s school. That is also the end of “Easter week”, I think.

There is a yarn dealer with shops in both Atlanta and Highlands NC called “Why Knot Knit”, and she has hosted a retreat in Highlands before. I’m going to look into that.

I so enjoyed watching the slide show! Yarn porn is right! I have the unique opportunity of visiting LYS in many different places due to the nature of my job which takes me to different parts of the US. I just have to limit/space out my visits because I will spend so much money when I go! I just can’t help myself, all those beautiful yarns and patterns just sitting there waiting for me to pick them up! Due to my lack of self control, many do get picked up…but it makes me sooo happy!
Anyway, how far is the shop from the Asheville area? We are thinking of settling down there next year.

Cottage Yarn is near Charlotte (about 2 1/2 hours from Asheville), but the shop MrsDavis3 mentioned sounds much closer.

Here are the yarn shops I patronize in Asheville:

There are two others I don’t frequent which you could check out:
Earth Guild
Asheville Home Crafts

Sandy, do you know what time they’ll be starting friday night? i would love to go and might be able to save up enough for it, but i can’t leave school until 4 at the earliest unless i take off.

I think early evening late p.m.

not too far…