Costco question

Several years ago I had a Costco membership and I remember them having these really great blueberry muffins in their bakery area that were packaged in lots of like maybe six or eight. Does anyone know if they still have them? I have a Sam’s Club membership now to basically get their cheapo gas but I’m not impressed with their bakery stuff like I used to be with Costco. I’d set up another Costco account if I knew they had those wicked muffins and the other good stuff I remembered. Their bakery was great, Sam’s Club’s just seem like more Walmart stuff repackaged.

The Costco by me in WA state has blueberry muffins that look the same as the ones I remember seeing years ago. I don’t buy that variety, so can’t tell you if they are the same or not, but their Almond Poppy Seed ones certainly are! They come in packages of 12 huge muffins for about $6-7 (I think). They carry lots of other fresh bakery stuff too, it is also in large packages for very reasonable cost.

If all you want is the baked goods maybe you could find a friend with a Costco card to go shopping with?

That’s them! I remember the almond poppyseed ones too. I kind of remembered them coming in a dozen pack but thought they weren’t in that BIG of a pack! Thanks!:muah: I remember they had some really good cookies too!

Yes, they still have them and other flavors. They were yummy, but go straight to the hips and thighs. They all have over 600 calories and 30 grams of fat. :zombie: Just heads up. :teehee:

Gee thanks for the buzzkill!:roflhard:

I’ll take the chocolate chocolate chip muffins! :thumbsup:

I have a Sam’s and a Costco right across from eachother and memberships to both. I always go to Costco. I probably won’t renew my Sam’s next year.

I like the bakery muffins, but as Jan said,they are high in calories. However, I can rationalize that by splitting one up over two days, or feeding the other half to my DGD. They’re too big for just me.They freeze very well.

What I really love are the apple caramel pies. :heart: :heart:

I am a Costco girl too! I love those muffins, but I try not to buy them too often. I used to get them for the kids though.

You know what I would like right now. ------------A muffin.:woot:

Costco also has good gas prices. It’s where I gas up regularly. They generally run about 10 cents a gallon cheaper than the gas stations. I try and stay out of their bakery, too many good things.