Cost of afghan?

hello, just wondering what you knitters typically spend when making an afghan?
I wanted to make one but when read the yarn required it would have cost me about 160.00 that was a bit out of my price range for a blanket.
I really dont care for acrylic yarn but when it is such a big project It seems the only choice

If you wait for a great yarn sale (either at your local yarn shop or online), you might be able to do a whole lot better than that. Or you could keep an eye out for bargains on ebay… If you have a freecycle or freeshare in your neck of the woods, you might even be able to get some yarn for free! :happydance: I did.

Good Luck!


How big is this afghan? I’m doing one in LB Woolease. I’ve got 1351 yds. so it cost me around $18 give or take.

:muah: :hug:

Nadja xxx

I’m one that will use Red Heart Super Saver (especially for afghans, as they tend to be washed a lot, and IMHO the yarn gets softer with each washing), so my afghans are generally $10-$12. (Mine are usually very simple patterns that don’t require a lot of extra yardage, too.)