Cosmetic/sunscreen database

This is interesting. There was an article in todays paper that said of 800 suncreens tested only 17% provided adequate s sunscreen protection. Living in southern CA this is of utmost importance to us.

Wow. I can’t believe what I’m reading…

Probably explains why I’ve had 11 skin cancers removed from my body over the past 15 years and I wear sunscreen. :grrr:

With my brand (Nature’s Gate), the kids spf30 sunscreen is listed as more effective than the “adult” spf30! good to know… thanks for sharing this. :???:

Interesting. It was noticed here that the UK has higher screen rating creams than we do. Australia has a very high incidence of sun cancer. I have tended to buy the cancer council product but this will be interesting to review although many products we won’t know here or the name will be different. It should be illegal to falsely advertise.

And the trouble is…none ultimately are without some inherent dangers. On the recommended list only one or two are sold here. I suspected some didn’t work as I used to swim outdoors and I would layer my arms with waterproof cream every 20min and I began to get skin pigment changes. I then went indoors. I see more and more women using umbrellas for sun protection and not just rain.

Yeah, I don’t think there is a perfect sunscreen, but I will be looking for the ones least likely to cause problems.

I agree. Zinc seems to be an issue but of course a lot have zinc and zinc is such a sun blocker. Even the top one on the list had zinc but I presume a smaller amount by volume/weight. I don’t use plain zinc cream tho like many do here. It’s as sticky as for one thing and marks clothing etc easily.

That’s why I always wear a hat.

Good idea, but that only works on your head. :teehee:

True, but the vast majority of skin cancers are on the face.