Corrugated ribbing with stright needles

I need help.I am doing a pattern that has corrugated ribbing on stright needles. All the videos that I watch show how to do the front but not the back of it and I need to see it done or told in great detail how to do it. Please help.Oh I almost forgot I am using to colors for this.That is what is making me nuts.

What pattern is it, or what is the corrugated rib stitch pattern? How do you mean the videos only show the front?

It is the canadisn mittens pattern in knit simple winter 2008/2009.The pattern is Row 1 (RS) *K2 CC, p2 MC; rep from * to end. Row 2 *K2 MC, p2 CC; rep from * to end. I keep getting line on both sides or the work or something really weird looking that looks nothing like the work.

Here’s a picture for those on Ravelry

You have to change the colors every two sts, they shouldn’t show. It looks like the knit sts on R1 in the CC will be the purl sts on R2 in the same color. You change the colors the same way on the back as you do on the front, twisting one around the other so there’s no holes.

I know this is alot to ask but is there any way that you could send me a vido of the frist 2 rows. I am still have a hard time with this.Or send me a link that can show me how this is done. I am sure it is me being new to knitting that is the problem.

In other words:

Once you have set the pattern up:

You should be knitting each stitch as it appears to you on the side you are working on, with the colour it was previously worked with.

So the knit stitches on the RS are worked in the MC and purls are CC

On the reverse, you will PURL with the MC and knit with the CC

I haven’t got a video of the first two rows. I assumed you had looked at some for knitting with two colors. Look at the video for Intarsia on our Advanced techniques page (link at the top of the page) under Knitting with Two colors. The second row the sts will be knit and purled like the first row, except in a different color. The back of a knit st is a purl and the back of a purl is a knit. So when you k2 on row 1, it becomes p2 on the next row.

For R 1 k2 in color B, p2 in color A, and repeat this across the row. Then on Row 2, you begin with K2 (the p2 from the end of the row) in color A and pick up color B to p2 (which were the k2 in color B on the previous row).

I don’t have a video either but here are more detailed directions of what you need to do based on these directions:

The pattern is Row 1 (RS) *K2 CC, p2 MC; rep from * to end. Row 2 *K2 MC, p2 CC; rep from * to end. I keep getting line on both sides or the work or something really weird looking that looks nothing like the work.

First of all you cast on a number of stitches that can be divided by 4 evenly, like 12, or 16, or 44 or whatever, with your CC. (I’m assuming since you are a new knitter, that you only know one way to knit. So I’ll explain it that way. If I were doing it I would hold one color in one hand and the other in the other hand and knit two different ways. But forget about that for now and just knit holding the yarn in either the left hand or right hand, the way you do it.)

Row 1: Knit the first 2 stitches with the same yarn you cast on with. Drop that yarn, leaving it in the back and take your MC yarn. Hold that yarn so that the tail is on the back side (behind the needles), and take the part that is attached to your skein between the tips of the two knitting needles to the front of the work (in front of the needles), purl the next 2 stitches (you must have the yarn in front to purl). After you have purled those 2 stitches, move the MC yarn between the needle tips to the back again. Drop the MC and pick up the CC color. It will already be in the back so it is in the correct position to knit the next two stitches. So K2 with the CC. Drop the CC and pick up the MC. It is in back (so it wouldn’t be dragged across the front and ruin your ribbing), so bring it to the front between the needles), and P2. Now move it to the back between needle tips and drop it.

Keep working that way across the whole row making sure both yarns are in back when you are knitting with the main color and that when you purl you bring only the MC to the front between needle tips, P2, and then move it to the back again.

Now for Row 2: At the end of row 1 the last thing you did was to P2 with the MC. On row 2 the wrong side of the cuff is facing you and you have to make sure that you keep all the ugly stuff facing you side this time. So work as follows:
Your first 2 stitches will be knits this time (always knit the stitches that face you as knits and purl the purls that face you as purls, and work the stitches so that the colors match what you did in the last row) Take the MC in hand and since you are knitting make sure the MC yarn is behind the needles as you knit the first stitch. Knit those first 2 stitches. Now move the MC from the back to the front between the needle tips, and drop it. Now you have both colors hanging in front. Pick up the CC color in such a way that it goes under the MC (It will cross over the MC as you purl the first of the next 2 stitches. I think that it is only on the first color change on each row that you have to pay attention to how you pick them up to prevent holes, over the rest of the row it doesn’t matter.). P2, and drop the CC. Pick up the MC and move it to the back between needle tips , knit 2, move the MC back to the front between needle tips. Drop the MC and pick up the CC, P2.

Then you repeat those two rows for the length of the ribbing. One side will be pretty ugly, but the other side will look good. :slight_smile: Since you are carrying strands across the side that won’t show you have to use some care that those strands are not too tight or things won’t stretch very well. Corrugated ribbing usually doesn’t stretch as well as normal ribbing, but it should stretch some.

On the next (and every other) right side row, begin the following way to be sure you don’t leave a hole at the first color change. Begin with both yarns on the “ugly” side. With the CC knit 2, and drop that color. Pick up the MC so that it goes under the CC, then make sure it stays in that position and go ahead and bring the MC to the front between needles so you can purl with it. P2. Take the MC to the back between needle tips and drop it. Take up the CC and knit. Continue across the row keeping both yarn in back when you knit and only the MC in the front when you purl. It won’t matter how you pick up the dropped strands of color after the first one in each row.

There will be a dotted line of CC across the MC purls right after the cast on row, but after that all lines will be crisp. This is a little tricky when you are a new knitter. It may help you to print out the directions and have a friend read them to you for a few rows until you see how it works. Just be sure to keep each color on the “ugly side” unless it needs to be moved to the other side to knit or purl and then is immediately moved back to the “ugly side”. Always move from front to back between needles. Pay attention to what you are doing and it should be okay. Have fun.

Thank you so much I now know what I was doing wrong. I was trying to keep the lines to the back of the needle no matter what side it was on and I didn’t understand about how to do a knit on the wrong side .Thank you again:woohoo: :woohoo:

You’re welcome! I thought that was the problem. But I’m wordy so I explained it all. :lol: