Correcting wrong stitches?

Boy, I am just full of questions huh? :oops: But I am learning :thumbsup:

OK, I am working a seed stitch and I noticed that the row I am working from I accidently purled 2 times, and threw off the remainder of my row. What is the best way to fix this? I have half a new row on my right needle that are in pattern, I found my mistake as I was getting ready to knit… so at the moment I have the messed up stitches on my left.

I hate to tell you this but I will anyways sorry :crying: but you will have to tare it all out tell where you started the mistakes I tare it out :frowning: I am in the same boot right now where I have too tare out two rows sorry for the bad news maybe someone else has a better idea but this is what I have to do …

Watch Amy’s video on inserting a needle in a destination row. Sounds to me like you may be able to insert the needle in the row below and then just un-knit back to the mistake’