Correcting the same **** mistake?

Here i go again :oops: I am knitting a scarf (whats new) finishing a row. I turn my needles to knit another row and see i have knitted 2 together instead of 1.

So my first stitch on the needle has the working yarn on 2 stitches instead of one… HOW DO I CORRECT THIS???

I make this same mistake over and over… I not going to rip it all out again as i usually do. :evil:

If it kills me i am going to learn how to correct this once and for all.

Please help me… and Thank You!

You could knit your next row as usual up until the point of error.
Undo the K2tog and put the 2 sts on a spare needle (double pt, cable needle … it doesn’t really matter b/c you’re only using it to keep the sts from unraveling farther than the 2 that were ktog.).

Once you have secured your 2 sts, there should a long piece of loose yarn hanging across the back of them … this is the yarn that formerly held the k2tog. Use a crochet hook and pull the long strand through one st (keep that newly formed st on the crochet hook), then pull another piece of that same loose yarn through the other st. Be mindful that this will be a tight squeeze since you’re pulling a piece of yarn normally suitable for just one st. After you have pulled the loose strand through both sts, transfer the sts on the crochet hook onto your left hand needle and continue your work as usual.

I think that will do it. :wink:

I hope that helps … :?

If it’s a bumpy or fuzzy yarn that hides the details, you could do what ekcheiy says, or even just do an increase above that decrease on the next round.

I’m in the habit of feeling the stitches with my left thumb, one at a time at they approach the tip of the left needle, so I know it’s one stitch I’m about to work. I knit the stitch that is above my thumb. This is how I learned to knit without looking. It’s a good trick for helping even when you are looking.

Good luck figuring it out!