Correcting Mistake

I am knitting a dishcloth in which I made a mistake. So this isn’t like I am having to fix a mistake on a major project. The border is garter stitch for the first 3 stitches. I accidently pearled where I was supposed to knit about 2 inches down from where I am now. The pattern is kind of complicated so ripping it out would be nearly impossible for me to reinsert the needles. Would you redo the project from the beginning or fix the stitches by pulling them out to the row with the mistake? Thanks for any advice.


It’s hard to say without seeing it. Have you looked at the videos on fixing mistakes under Basic Techniques on here?

If it’s a complicated pattern I think fixing one stitch row by row would be very difficult. I think personally for a dishcloth I’d just let it go and consider it a lesson learned. If you really want to fix it you will probably have to either frog it back to that row or start over. :thinking:

Here’s the videos for fixing mistakes if you want to attempt it though.

yeah i think i would just make the same mistake in the opposite corner and call it a design element.

Thank you for your replies. I might try following the directions in the correcting mistake video and see what happens.