Correcting loose stitch


Hi. I am making a blanket with a border edge of purl 3. I am already 3 skeins in deep before noticing that the knit stitch before the purl is a bit looser on the left side of blanket. Can I still fix the knit stitch with the 3 purls on the left [garter border] and on the opposite side too?


That will occasionally happen. What you can do to “fix” it from this point on is to stop and give the yarn a little extra tug after you’ve finished the border stitches on each row.



Hi. Okay. Thank you. Will try that.


What I mean is, at the beginning of each row, do the border stitches and then tug on the yarn while u do the next stitch (to keep it tighter). Then continue with the rest of the row.



Got it. Appreciate your help!