Corner stitch marker

My pattern is telling me to place corner stitch markers and I don’t know how? Is this the right place to ask for help?

It is, but we need more info. What are you making? Can you please tell us a pattern name and give us a link? (don’t post the pattern here it’s against copyright) If it’s in a book the pattern name and book name would help.

It’s the Cable Fantasy Poncho for my 4year old granddaughter, it directs me to place corner stitch markers. I’m thinking instead of placing the stitch marker on the knitting needle (like I usually do) I place it on an actual stitch, is this right?

Is this it?

That’s cute! Where are they wanting you to place these markers? I mean on the sweater. Will you be doing anything before or after the marker on the next rows?

I have my answer, thanks for responding :slightly_smiling_face:

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For me, outside of different colors, I link one stitch marker into another one so I have a most unique one I won’t miss. (That way I don’t have to buy any more).