Corded sleeve edge

i am having a terrible time trying to figure out how to correct a mistake in a pattern. the instructions are for a “corded” sleeve edge. it’s a short, cap sleeve with slight puffiness and the corded edge means there’s nothing else needed to do… such as knitting up sts and making a band or something.

so… the instructions say:

Corded edge: 3 sts each end of row:

Row 1(WS): K3, pulling yarn tight, work to last 3 sts, sl 3 with yarn in front.

Row 2: K3, pulling yarn tight, work to last 3 sts, sl 3 with yarn in back. Rep rows 1 &2 for pat. .

but, when i do this, the right sleeve edge looks corded but the left merely looks like stretched-out (elongated) knit stitches at the end. they do not match up at all.

i’ve tried several different ways to make them look the same but nothing i do works. i have looked on the net for help, and here, to try to find something about a ‘corded sleeve edge’ st… but can find nothing :frowning:

i hope someone out there can figure out what i should be doing instead, to make the sleeve edges look the same.

thanks for any help anyone can give.[/I]

Can you give the name of this pattern? Maybe we can do some research and find out what it is supposed to look like when completed or maybe find someone else who had made this. This is made flat? Are you knitting the sleeve directly to the top or is it sewn on? I have never heard of this corded edge either. So this is something that only affects the 3 stitches on each side and it is just knit or purled in the middle? Does this end up under the arm? It is seamed there?

I’ve been experimenting with this. I think what you are supposed to do is:

Row 1(WS): P3, pulling yarn tight, work to last 3 sts, sl 3 with yarn in front.

Row 2: K3, pulling yarn tight, work to last 3 sts, sl 3 with yarn in back. Rep rows 1 &2 for pat.

This is only different than what you gave in one place. On row 1 which is the wrong side you want to begin with P3 instead of knit 3.

I don’t really understand how this fits into the overall pattern but what happens when you do this is to make a sort of I-cord along each side and you need to have it purled at the beginning of the wrong side row to throw the knit stitch side of the cord to the right side. You always slip the stitches so that the strand runs across the wrong side (that part is written correctly), turn to start the new row and wrap the slipped stitch strand around the 3 slipped stitches, pull very tightly before you begin to knit or purl, and pull tightly after each one of the first 3 stitches that you knit or purl at the beginning of each row. That makes the I-cord effect.

If you work it as written one of the I-cords is on the front and the other turns out wrong. I don’t know how you were supposed to work the stitches between the two I-cord edges but I did them all in garter stitch and it looks pretty neat.

Try that and see if you think that is what you are supposed to do.

[I]thank you, merigold!

sorry, i have been away and couldn’t check this for a day or so. i will do what you said. it’s a pattern from ‘knitting with simplicity’ summer 1987 so it’s not easy to find. it’s called, “short and sweet”. i’m making it longer. i wish i had a scanner because i can’t find a pic of it online. the sleeves are knitted directly onto the top, but they do have an underarm seam. it’s knitted in reverse st st with a vine lace patt at the bottom and a flower lace patt at the top. very cute. just the sleeves have given me fits. i’m not sure about how to wrap but i will attempt it vigorously, lol.


I looked at my instructions again and tried it once again. Forget the word wrap. It is misleading. Just pull the yarn tightly after each knit or purl stitch (especially the first one) of those 3 stitches that were slipped in the row before. Thanks for describing the sleeve, it sounds pretty.

[I]ok, i’ll forget the wrap. lol. i forgot to say that the vine and flower lace patterns are down the middle, like a panel. but, the sleeves themselves are made up of the vine lace pattern, too. and that’s actually in st st. sorry. thanks again :slight_smile: :hug:

it’s looking right! \o/ yay![/I]

Oh, goodie! Thanks for the update. I was just wondering how it went.