Corded edge

Hi all. I’m just starting on a new project and am already stuck. It is a hooded jacket and is cable for the main body but has a corded edge. My issue is that I think I’m following the pattern but it is coming out slightly differently on each edge which doesn’t seem to be right. It is the wyib or wyif which creates a difference and as the 2 edges join I’m sure they should be the same. The instructions look like this. Any ideas or advice welcome

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Yes, it’s the yarn in front or yarn in back. If you work the stitch after the wyib firmly, the cord forms and the yarn carried across the back disappears. I’ve tried a couple of rows doing that and it seems to work.
What is the name of your pattern?

OK so maybe I need to be a bit more firm. Am I right in thinking that I just wyib for the one stitch it says it for or for all the slips?

It’s a pattern I bought from etsy but it doesn’t have a name on it

Thanks for your help - I try again and see if I can have more success :blush::+1:

Very nice!
Yes, just slip the one stitch wyib then bring the yarn wherever you need it for the next stitch.

Thank you so much. Yes I’m excited to try this out.

Let us know how it works. There are other ways to do this but your pattern gives a nice sized cord at the edge.

Wow this is such an unusual jacket.
I was just wondering if you finished it and how it turned out?