Cord Edging


I am hoping to get ideas on something. I’m working on the Ogee Lace Skirt from IK Summer 2007 issue. Lace? So far, so good. The only issue I have is with the cord edging for this. What the pattern says is:

Row 1: (RS) K1, sl 1, k1.
Row 2: (WS) S1, k1, sl1.

So far, it’s not looking like an i-cord at all, just a bunch of purls. What I’m doing is row 1 as above for the first row of the pattern, then row 2 when I flip to do the purl side.

Should I be doing both rows? I’m not quite sure what’s going on, but it definitely looks wrong. The first few rows, I realizes I was slipping each slipped stitch as if to knit so I changed that but it still looks the same as before.

Any help is appreciated! thanks.

it should be:
K1, then bring yarn forward (as if to purl) but don’t!, just slip.
then bring yarn back as if to knit (and K1

on Row 2, slip the first sitch (with yarn in front.) then bring the yarn to back and K1,

then bring yarn forward as if to Purl, but slip

this is ‘simple double knitting’ (k1, sl1)

and the result is sort of like an icord… but flatter…

its a lovely simple knit in place edging.

So…on row 2, the yarn kind of wraps around that first slipped stitch?

I think what you’re describing is what I did, but it looks like the icord edging I have is all purls, no knits.

I’ll try, step-by-step, to follow your tips because i must be doing somethign wrong somewhere :slight_smile:


Of Troy…what you said is perfect. My edging looks great now and I think it’s because I didn’t bring the yarn forward or back in the right places.

Thank you!!!