Coral cardigan pattern help

I feel a bit silly asking because I’m quite an experienced knitter but I’m a little confused by a part of my pattern.
I’m knitting a cardigan and am stuck on the raglan shaping for the sleeves. It has the 2 rows that set the shaping and then tells me to dec at certain times which is easy…but do I need to do the 2 rows of the shaping first and then start the dec or just start from the dec pattern?
Not sure if that makes sense so have added a screenshot of the part I’m doing. Any help is much appreciated!

Welcome to the forum !
It’s a good quesrion to ask. Work rows 1 & 2, then dec on row 3 and then rows 7, 11 and so on for however many times your size requires.

Ok, brill, thanks for your help!