I’m about to embark on selling my knitting patterns online? However, in my long research regarding copyrighting a knitting pattern and reading many pros/cons between knit design sellers and buyers. I’m wondering …is it worth getting your patterns copyrighted? When clearly the internet is a beast and no way to monitor those who infringe. I want knitters to enjoy making my patterns as gifts, for themselves and if they want to sell for charity; I’m good with it, but I don’t want my pattern to be shared freely on the internet. Thoughts?

I have some free patterns, but haven’t tried selling anything. I think if you go the copyright route you will always have to be on top of the internet and I’m not sure there is any way to really keep theft from happening.
Here’s some info I have.

Thank you so much for the articles! After reading them I’ve decided I’ll sell my patterns as plan, but I will not register them to be copyrighted as they are automatically protected. I just won’t have any legal stands if I wanted to persue someone who’s infringed upon them.

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Good question and answer. It underlines why we don’t allow people to post an entire pattern here when they are asking a question about it: we don’t want people to grab someone else hard work for free.

Jan, this is the clearest explanation i’ve ever seen. Many thanks.

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Don’t you need to do SEO to keep your patterns on the top of a search page?
I would guess the chances of making substantial money from a pattern is pretty low, given the abundance of similar patterns on Craftsy. I don’t mean to be negative but the amount of work that goes into a pattern seems to be substantial relative to the potential return. I believe it would be hard to create a brand name or a following for your patterns without substantial effort (I could be wrong).
I would analyze how many patterns on Craftsy are similar to your’s before I made a substantial investment.
Good luck. Hope you are successful!