Copyright questions

I’ve tried searching for this but I haven’t found a definitive answer yet. If I knit something from a pattern that I purchased and someone offers to pay me for it - do I need to inform the designer of the pattern?

Also, does it matter if it was a free pattern?

I’m not reproducing the actual pattern intructions it’s just the final product that I am wondering about. Anyone have knowledge about this?

I think it would be OK since they are paying for yarn and the time it took you to knit it right?

As a one off I’m sure its ok but if you were to commercially produce lots and lots of the specific knitted item then you would need to contact the designer for permission.

I agree. It is all about the context. If this is a one time thing, I’m sure it is no big deal. If you were going to make and sell items, then I would say there was a conflict.

I finally found a site that really outlines the restrictions. Bottom line is no you can’t sell stuff you make unless you have the permission of the designer. It doesn’t matter if it’s a free pattern or purchased.

I absolutely love the patterns that I used so I’ll definitely contact the designer just in case.

I have a ton of extra stuff that I made so I think I’ll either donate it to charity or just save it for next Christmas just in case.

Another way to deal with the copyright issue is to purchase a separate pattern for each item that you want to sell and include it with the item. That way the designer is getting their royalty. More information:

That is a very good idea!

Thanks for asking this question, suzie–I’ve been wondering about that myself!