Cool wearing socks

What is a good yarn to use for making socks that are worn in [U][B]HOT[/B][/U] weather? I like to wear medium thick retail cotton crew socks in the summer. Is there a good yarn substitute for hand knitting? I’ve considered cotton yarn, but is there one that is durable and has some give to it? I’ve knitted cotton dishclothes with all cotton and it seems more of a chore than a joy. Any good suggestions you can pass along? Thanks.


I like sport weight cotton for summer socks.

I’ve heard bamboo is pretty nice. I have some waiting to become socks, but still haven’t worked on it. Crystal Palace makes a yarn called Panda Cotton which sounds as though it might be lighter weight. Frankly my feet are cold summer or winter so I don’t mind wearing woolies in August.


Bamboo is great, as is cotton (though I go to fingering weight instead of sport.)

I am loving Tofutsies, and it is very light. I’ll have to ask my daughter if they are warm, since the only ones I have made are for her.

there’s also cascade fixation. it’s a cotton yarn with elastic. you’ll want to stretch it a good bit (but not too much) as you knit.

I made some socks with Knit 1 Crochet 2’s WICK… its a soy blend and as the name applies… it wick’s the moisture away. Lovely stuff.

Sounds like it would make some decent hiking socks, I’ll have to check it out.

Thanks everyone for your comments.

Becky, where do you buy this yarn? I haven’t seen it, but it seems ideal for wear around here in the extreme heat of summer.