Cool way to use two colors?

Hi all!

I am very excited about a new project I’ll be casting on soon, which is the duchess raglan sweater from classic elite yarns :balloons:

I am substituting a very pretty lavender yarn :heart: which I found on super super sale in the bins at my LYS for the classic elite duchess. However, there only six skeins of this yarn, which was not enough to complete the sweater. No matter–after a few more minutes of scouring I found two more skeins same yarn in a lovely sage green color.

So now I have enough yarn to make my sweater, but in two different colors. Here is my question: what are some good, pretty, and creative ways to use both of these colors together in the sweater? I’m not very good at thinking of ways to use more than one color in knitting–I would probably just knit with the purple until I ran out and then join on the green yarn, which probably wouldn’t look very fashionable :shrug:. So any suggestions you can give will be much appreciated!


The easiest way I’ve found of using colour (and pattern) so far is mosaic (or slip stitch) knitting. Here’s a knitty article -->

I have the ‘Mosaic Knitting’ book by Barbara G Walker and :heart:LOVE:heart: it.

They just talked about this on Knitting Daily TV… knit stripes… knit 5 rows of one, then 3 or 4 rows of the other and repeat.