Cool thing for Ipod users!

Today at Best Buy I picked up the most awesome thing. A Pinnacle Video Transfer. You plug it in to your Ipod, plug it in to your cable box/tv/dvd player/whatever and all you do is press a button and it records whatever is on. I had a bunch of Knitty Gritty episodes on my DVR that are now on my Ipod. :happydance:

You know…I think I may have this equipment already. My kids would really like to be able to do this. Thanks!

What kind of iPod? I have a 2gig little slim iPod. I think its last year’s nano. Is it really that simple?

I think for any Ipod that can play video. Although 2 GB isn’t going to hold very much. 20 minutes of Knitty Gritty (cut out the commercials) takes up about 130 mb.

I was skeptical, so I made sure to ask if I could bring it back if I couldn’t figure it out/get it to work. All you do is plug it in and push the button. So yes, it really is that simple.

Thanks for posting this!! I think I need to get one of these!

That is AWESOME! I’m going to go to Best Buy right now and get one for my hubby (and me), so he can watch Top Gear whenever he wants (and maybe so I can watch Gordon Ramsay and Knitty Gritty whenever I want!). Thanks so much for the tip!

NP. I had never heard about it until I saw it in the Best Buy sales flier yesterday. It’s on sale for $99.99 (regular $129.99). Which is kind of funny because Saturday night, I spent an hour trying to figure out how to get DVD’s onto my IPod using some programs my cousin linked me to. It was WAYYY too much work to try to do it that way. I’m too lazy for all that. :teehee:

Do you watch “The F Word?” I love that Ramsey show. It isn’t as abrasive as the American “Hell’s Kitchen” or even either the BBCA “Kitchen Nightmares” or the American version. I love the “F Word” season where he raised the pigs telling his friend he wanted to make sure the kids didn’t get attached to the pigs and wanted them to know they would be slaughtered and eaten than gets all attached to the one pig even taking it to be a show pig. I always say he is cooking’s Bobby Knight all ***** words but still underneath has a heart of gold.