Cool: the nipple project

Check this out- can you imagine THESE on a sweater?

knitty did have a knitted uterus pattern…why not?

Oh, goodness…


…odd… :thinking:

I guess if you can think it, you (or someone) can knit it. If I made any, I think it’d be cool to have weird-colored knit nipples, like blue or fuschia. :oo:

You know… I’m not sure what celebrities she’s been looking at, but I see pah-lenty of nipples on display. Heck, I see plenty at wal-mart. And I’m fine with that. My point is, they’re not really “disappearing.”

More importantly… Um, how is a nipple the province of feminism, exactly. I’m a feminist. And I have two of them. But so does my husband. My cat has 6 and he’s a male chaunvinist pig, I’m sad to say.

A uterus is really very female. So is two X chromosomes… but nipples? Come on. Those are anybody’s game.

I’d much rather knit a titbit

for a good cause than a nipple to protest the alleged invisibility of something I see plenty of every day.

That was …cute! lol I just read in a recent issue of a knitting magazine how you can knit a “boob” and put it in your bra if you had surgery. They looked cute the ones they showed in the magazine. They all looked like A cups to me tho. pretty small. :XX: :XX:

I wish I had known about those when my grandma was in need of one. She made herself a breast once and weighted it with birdseed. Then she wore it to water aerobics. ahem… she said, “it smelled like mash” (fermented grain for making moonshine) and she had to make herself a new one. :slight_smile: She was forever trying to make the right breast. I don’t think she ever made or found one she liked. She’s been gone for almost 7 years now, but it seems like yesterday.

I personally wouldn’t want anyone seeing my nipples…after birthing and breastfeeding 3 babes, well, my boobs are at my stomach now and it ain’t purty!

Thanks to whomever posted the link to the tits…my Mom had a mastectomy so maybe I can make her one! She has a really big boob, though :thinking: