Cool scarf and (finally done) hat

This hat was made specially for my sister who paid me $20 for it. It was my own pattern but based off of a different hat pattern that didn’t fit.:hair: It took a looooong time to complete because I made the other pattern first, frogged it, tweaked it, frogged it again because it still didn’t fit, and then FINALLY got it to cooperate and fit her!
The yarn for this scarf was given to me by my sisters boss because she learned that I knitted and she did too! Anyhow, I had never knit with that kind before so I gave it a shot. It worked! I am very happy with how it came out. It is nice and long so I can suffocate myself with it (not really).:teehee:
My sis modeled for these pics and she insisted on wearing a fancy dress for the scarf.:shrug:

Very nice. What yarn did you use for the hat?

Oh, I forgot. I used Debbie Bliss Rialto Chunky which is 100% merino wool and is SOOOOOOO soft.( its also a bit expensive)

[B]C :cool: :cool: L[/B] I love using wonderful yarns someone else paid for!

Very swish, well done they both look great.

Wonderful looking hat (and it fits perfectly) plus a very elegant scarf. Your sister is right that the scarf deserves a dressy dress. Well done all around!

Oh, and the scarf yarn was Boutique Trio. Thank you all!

[COLOR=“DarkGreen”]Your hat turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!! The scarf looks like one I made using Red Heart Sassy Fabric at the beginning of the year, which was my very first knitting project.

Both your projects are fabulous![/COLOR]


Both look lovely - well done, especially on your perseverance with the hat design!


Very nice! Hat scarf looks lovely with the fancy dress. :thumbsup: