Cool Afghan...psychedelic, baby!

Cool afghan! Click HERE

That is very cool :sunglasses: …I like it, but…I don’t know if I could look at it without ending up looking like this :shock: …I would definitely have to have the :sunglasses: to look at it. Yet, I am ~atrangely~drawn to it…

me too…that describes it perfectly…strangely drawn. Maybe it hypnotizes or something?

Yeah, man, it’s :sunglasses: Psychedelic :shock: man; I really dig it, man :oo: !!


That is an interesting afghan. The completed one doesn’t even look knitted in the pic, it looks like a quilt to me.

I can’t say I like it. But Kemp, I love your sense of humor. :roflhard:

yeah, saw that afghan a while ago, still plan on making it…one of these days.

hahaaa! I LOVE AP!

I think it would be really really pretty in shades of white!