Cookie Cutters!

I just ordered some snowflake cookie cutters for my daughter. This place has so many that I’ve never seen before. Thought I’d share. :yay:

Ack! That little onesie cookie cutter is adorable!

Thanks …

Can’t resist that ‘Sam Pup’ one - the lab, of course. Gone straight on my Wishlist, that one!

All the Best


Had to look twice at the nautical cookie cutter!!!

Thanks Jan! I just might order that snowflake set for my mom for xmas! Your’e a gem!

You’re welcome! If you can find it try getting some of the shimmer dust for them! It makes them sparkle!

I didn’t order the set, but I did order 4 different sizes for DD1! :yay:

Aww, too cute! I agree with Pauline on the nautical one, I had to read that over again.

Ooooohh, you are WONDERFUL! I have a friend who bakes for Christmas every year as well throughout the year for every occasion. Thanks to you, I just found her Christmas gift! thankyou, thankyou, thank you… :woohoo:

:thumbsup: Glad you all like the site! I wish I’d ordered some for myself now! I want the mitten, the tear drop ornament and the light bulb! At least. :teehee:

:psst: [COLOR=Silver] I had to go see this nautical one you are referring to… :shock:

What,no knitting cookie cutters

I found one for a Sweater!

And a Sheep (wool)!

And a Rabbit (angora)

And a Goat (mohair)

And a Breast Cancer Awareness Scarf

Oh my gosh! I love the sweater! I could make little fair isle cookies! :roflhard:

I would like to have the sweater, mitten, and scarf cutters. Those would be perfect for making cookies for a knitting get-together. :heart:

Of course, on my current diet, I wouldn’t be able to EAT any of them, but they would still be fun to make. :slight_smile:

This set has a hat!!! Ohhh I might just have to get these…

Great find, Jan! I like that set too! :heart:

I just ordered that set and also a snowflake and gnome for me. :teehee:

I got a martini glass, snowflake, 4 leaf clover, fire hat, fire hydrant, snowman, halloween cat and pumpkin. :yay: