Cookie A twist flower sock pattern

I was reading through the instructions and ran into a confusing spot at the heel flap. the first row of the heel flap pattern says that I need to do a make one increase and then do a yarn over. how would I do that? that first row ends the same way, with a yarn over and then a make 1 increase…

Any help or tips would be appreciated as a google search didn’t yield much info.

Check out Amy’s videos in the Basic Techniques Section (tab at the top of this page). They are under Increases. Whether you use a M1A or M1T depends on which way you want the slant to go.

My dilemma is in how to make an increase as the first stitch of a row, and then do a yarn over…

I guess I could just do the twisted loop thing, but wasn’t sure if there was a better way to go about it…

You could always just fall back on kfb. At sock sizes, it’s not really going to make a huge or noticeable difference. I also find that my kfbs don’t have a really noticeable slant.


Yeah, I think I wound up doing a kf&b for that step - it was just easier.

If you’re interested, you can see my FOs here:

I haven’t done it yet but I’d do it the same way as in the middle of a row, use the wool from the row below the stitches currently on the needles. It will be going to the previous row rather than the adjacent stitch, but the principle is the same.

Thanks everybody…I’ll try that when I get there.