Does anyone know how to convert a straight needle pattern into a circular needle pattern. Please help I have a sweater pattern that I would like to do in the round but it calls for straight needles is this even possible

Could you give a link to the pattern?

Are trying to convert from a flat sweater with a button opening or from a pattern that is seamed and has only an opening for the neck and arms?

If you just want to replace your straight needles with circulars ( never use straight needles) look at this video on YouTube:

Some articles on changing flat patterns to circular:

With a link to the pattern it may be able to provide more information.

When you convert a flat to straight, you are always working right-side rows, so you’d have to work all ws rows in reverse order and reverse the stitches in it (knit to purl/purl to knit).

You can work the body in the round and then divide the work at the armholes and work the fronts and back separately, working them back and forth.