Converting yarn amount

Hi, I want to knit a cardi for my hubby and the pattern he likes is in dk, the wool he likes is aran. Would I have to make the cardi a size smaller, and would I need more or less wool,( dk needs 9 100g balls). Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help. Maxine

Here’s a yardage estimater that may help. Try a swatch in the yarn you’re going to use, measure the sts/inch and see how many sts it would take across the chest at the back or front to make the size you want. If the number is close to a smaller size, then you can follow those directions but knit to the length you want.

You would need to use larger needles with the aran, and yes, a smaller size. You may need to go down 2 sizes smaller - figure your gauge with the aran and needles you’ll use (probably a 9 would be good) and divide the sts per inch into ths stitches used for the other sizes. Pick the one that’s the closest finished measurement you want. Men usually like roomy sweaters, about 3-4" larger than their chest measurement.

The yarn armount would be approximately that for the smaller size, but probably less. I make worsted weight sweaters with size 10½ or 7mm needles and only use about 2/3 the amount needed than if I used size 7 or 8 as given in the pattern. You can do a rough estimate by comparing gauges; if your yarn is about 4 sts per inch and in the pattern it’s 5½ sts per inch, your gauge is about 72% of the pattern so that’s the percentage you’d apply to the yardage. That comes out to around 6½ 100g balls, or 650g, whatever the yardage is per 100g.

Hello Everyone,

Sorry but I don’t know yet where I must Post my Question…That is why I did it here…

My question is:
Is it possible to Felt Polacryl Wool??? Can I do that and how???

pls help me …
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The ‘polyacryl’ mean it’s probably a synthetic, and you would need 100% wool or a high percentage to felt. I’m presuming you mean ‘wool’ to mean yarn, not that there’s actual wool in the yarn? Or is it a blend?

What a GREAT device!! Just wish it were in metric.