Converting sweater pattern to circs

In an attempt to avoid that nasty “f” word - finishing - I’d like to do the body of this on circs (freebie pattern, no copyright worries). Since, as the bolded part states, I’m supposed to end with RS, then knit the next row, would I actually purl that next row since I’m not turning my work (and then do a row of knit, a row of purl and then bind off in purl)? That whole conversion of stitches for circs, all knit rows=St st, etc., always puts my mind in a tizzy.

Also, am I losing math skills or am I reading/understanding this incorrectly - do both sizes wind up with 47 stitches on the needle after the bind off for the sleeve edge (hence making them the same size from the chest down ~ 24" flat measured)?

Sizes: S/M (L/XL)
Gauge - 8 sts = 4"

Make two for front and back of sweater:

Cast On 87 (95) stitches. Turn work, do not work in the round. Knit every row (Garter Stitch) for 7" (8"). At the beginning on the next 8 rows, bind of 5 (6) stitches. Continue working in Stockinette Stitch until piece is 20" (21") or desired length ending with RS row. Knit the next row. Purl one row, Knit one row. Bind off loosely.

Ok, you’re supposed to end with a rs row if it were flat, then knit a row on the wrong side, then purl a row on the right side, and knit another row on the right side. Basically three rows of garter.

For this part in the round, purl a round, knit a round and purl a round.

Thanx, Ingrid! :smiley: