Converting straight needle pattern to circs for knitting in the round

Hi -

So lets say that I am knitting the bust part of a nightgown, and lets say that it is just a regular tube. Now lets say that I want to use a pattern out of Vogue Encyclopedia, but the directions are for straight needles. Would I just reverse the direction to the opposite?

So for instance it says

k1 p1 ssk k2tog k2 p2
p1 k1 k2tog ssk p2 k2

Would I make the second line

k1 p1 ssk k2tog k2 p2?

It’s not so simple as just reversing stitches; you have to reverse the order too.

Like - p2, k2, k2tog, ssk, p1, k1

That way your purls and knits stack up on each other.

oh dear