Converting Sock Pattern from DP to Circular Needles

Hi out there:
I have found a sock pattern that I really like for dp needles but I want to convert it for two circulars. I get that the cast on stitches are divided into two instead of four, but then what? I am unsure how to convert the heel, gusset, and toe directions. Anyone have a good formula for this? Thanks so much!

You could put markers at the sts where the ends of the dpns would have been.

how do you convert dp sock pattern to circular needles?

Try thinking of the sock stitches as instep and heel. One needle for those stitches that are instep stitches and one needle for the back of the leg stitches that are then worked on for the heel. Sock instructions for dpns are written for needles 1-2-3 or needles 1-2-3-4. So depending on the pattern different needles become either instep or heel (back) of the sock stitches. For example needles 1 and 4 may be instep and 2 and 3 heel. So one circ. would carry the stitches for needles 1 and 4 and the second circ would be needles 2 and 3. When you work the heel the instep circ is basically a stitch holder. It just has the stitches waiting for when the heel is completed. I think it’s harder to explain in writing than it is to knit the sock!


Susee has it

you need 6 or 7 markers.

4 of them should be numbers (make some, using the little beads use for baby bracelets, or just label them (use a label maker!)
1, 2, 3, 4.
On the first circ will be Marker (Beginning of round/BOR), then needle 4 (this can be hooked on knitting not hung on needle)
Half way through-- ON the NEEDLE-- a FAKE BOR–(when the pattern says BOR refer to this marker)

then hanging on the knitting marker 1.

the second circ gets Needle 2 (hanging on the knitting marker) and Needle 3.(also hanging on the knitting) Plus an ON the NEEDLE marker at the midway point

Now just follow directions.

when it comes to heel, YOU HAVE already ‘repositioned’ your stitches (stitches from Needle 4 and needle 1 are ALREADY on one needle, and marker on Needle marks 'midpoint" (aka BOR)

don’t worry that the REAL BoR is at the side seam. IT DOESN’T matter.

the hanging (from knitting) markers will always let you know what needle you are “on” as per the pattern directions.