Converting Patterns From Crochet To Knit

I have several magazines with beautiful crochet doily and tablecloth patterns that are printed as charts and not the hard to read written instructions. Is there a standard conversion chart I can use to change the crochet symbols to knit symbols? I thought perhaps a few might work up into nice shawls if I can change them to knitting. Thanks. offers a book for sale about this. I’ve not bought it so don’t know if it is worth the $$$. Also, if you google "converting crochet patterns… there are quite a few links that come up.

Thanks Tillie.
I have looked at several of the links after I googled for this information, but I’m not finding what I need. Therefore, let me ask my question from a different angle. The crochet patterns I have are drawn as diagrams with each symbol representing a different crochet stitch. Similair to the ones for knitting. I want to know which crochet stitch is equal to what knitting stitch. Example: The symbol used for one single crochet stitch equals (=) ____ stitch in knitting.

Another thing: These patterns are worked in a continous round. I figured I should be able to do the same with these too using dpn’s and a cable needle. Is this correct?

I would venture a guess that a single crochet stitch = one knit stitch. I cannot imagine what a double or treble crochet stitch would be in knitting (only that they would be added rows to the pattern). Really, with lace it is a whole 'nother ball park. If it was a solid pattern it’d be easier to convert, but with a doily, I highly suggest learning crochet - crocheting something basic, and later trying the doilies.