Converting Patterns :D

Well I was having problems trying to follow a pattern in the treasury of knitting patterns by Barb Walker anyway I read at the beg of the book How to convert the patterns to use with a circular needle & I was successful in trying it on graft paper…It was like reading a Chart
I did the Fluted Rib Pattern & it was …Multiple of 8 sts plus 1
AS you make the pattern you omit the pluses & make sure you convert the wrong side rows
This particular pattern makes an excellent scarf bc it is fluted & the pattern is the same on both sides yippee!!!
It is time consuming :frowning: But I feel good that I can use my old books for my circular projects :smiley:
Has anyone tried converting patterns to use on circular needles???
Hildy in Vermont :shock:

[FONT=“Trebuchet MS”]:woot: Good for you! I’ve been struggling with the Grapevine pattern (2nd Treasury, p.220) and it has offset stitches at the beginning and ends of the rows, which is driving me crazy! :aww: .However all wrong side rows would be purled, which means just knitting in the round. I’ve already made 4 different circular charts and swatches and still can’t get it to come out right. I know the original post was a few years ago, but if anyone has any ideas, I’d love to hear them. And if I get it to work, I’ll post![/FONT]

Some patterns knit flat have edge sts which aren’t needed to knit in the round. Did you try knitting it flat to see which are actually the pattern sts, and which are edge sts? So just cast on the pattern repeat sts and see if that comes out.

where the “plus” stitches shift back and forth (the actual repeat being offset on some rows) it gets a little more complicated. You have to change your “start of round” in the appropriate direction, often “stealing” a stitch or stitches at the beginning or end of the round to complete the last repeat or to start the first repeat.