Converting pattern

Im doing this hat

im wanting to convert her pattern to accomedate my gauge…

so her gauge is 32x48
mine is 18x24

im good so far…untill i get to the shaping part…

i have 69 stitches less that her at this point and i want to use her shaping method…

since im getting about half of her gauge, Im wondering if i should split her amount of rows in half? for instance…

she does a decrease row and knit 5 rows 4 times
and then decrease row and knit 3 rows 6 times
and then decrease row and knit 1 row 2 times

im wondering if i should just split those “times” in half

each decrease row is 12 stitches if i do the amount given that would be 144st decreased…
if i split the amount of decreases that would only be 72 stitches decreased.
so that dont work either…darn.
i need to finangle these decreases to get rid of my stitches and im worried about makeing sure the shape turns out ok…

Im actually thinking of just doing a different crown…cuz im so worried about making sure the shaping is correct…this is a close fitting hat. Im just worried.

Im wanting to learn this type of crown shaping. Ive always done a swirl crown, and ones with patterns in them, but never just straight up, and i know if i could just get the concept i could adapt the method. I know the reason for the gradual plain knit rows but i dont know how many and where.
any help?

Yeah, I would knit half as many rows between decrease rows. Sinc you can’t knit a ‘half’ row though, this - knit 5 rows 4 times - could become 3 rows or alternate 2 rows and 3 rows, ‘knit 3 rows 6 times’ would change to every other row and then finally decrease on every row instead of ‘knit 1 row 2 times’.

If you don’t like how the shaping turns out then try it another way, but it looks like there’s 6 double decreases for 12 sts decreased each round. I think doing the decs every other round would work, or you may want to have 2 plain rounds between each dec until you get toward the end.