Converting pattern from straights to DPNs

I have a hat pattern for straights that I want to make in the round. Do I just skip the rows that say to purl, or do I knit them. I can’t figure out if I’ll have twice as many rows by knitting them. I hope this makes sense.

Knitting with straight needles, you knit the right side…and purl the wrong side…to acheive what we call “stocking stitch”.

But, when you are knitting “in the round”…the right side is always facing you. You can’t turn it over to work the backside. So, yes, you always “knit” to acheive “stocking stitch”. You never purl.

You knit as many “rounds” as you would “rows” for flat knitting with straight needles. Each “round” equals a “row”.

Be sure to use a stitch marker, placed at the point where you join the ends and commence knitting in-the-round! That will be your trigger that you are ending a round, and beginning a new round.

In THIS LINK called ADVANCED TECHNIQUES, Amy, our knitting guru, has video clips about circular ‘in-the-round’ knitting, whether on circular needles or dpn’s. Take a look at them. You will pick up some tips!

Thank you for the quick reply. Much appreciated!