Converting pattern from round to flat?

I have tried numerous times to knit in the round on both circular and double pointed needles and it never works for me. I have the goal of knitting hats for my family for Christmas and am having a hard time finding stripped hat patterns that are flat…is it hard to convert, and how do I do it? Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated :slight_smile:

Well, first of all, why doesn’t it work? Have you tried magic loop? I hate seams so I only use magic loop.

Although there are more patterns for circular there are many for knitting flat. Here’s a few patterns I had bookmarked just for this situation.

What is a Magic loop? Never heard of it? Easy to use for a relative beginner? :confused:

It’s a way of using a long circular needle to knit something seamlessly in the round. Here’s a few links. Ask if you have more questions.

It’s not too hard to convert to flat, but it does require some thought and preparation. Two things to pay attention to converting from in-the-round to flat.

  1. You’ll want to add two stitches to the stitch count that will fall at the ends of the work. So don’t include them when working the patterning of the hat but start each row with a k1, work the normal pattern instructions and end with a k1. These will be the stitches you’ll stitch into to make the seam. No one’s ever going to see them so no need to slip anything to keep them neat.

  2. You now have to worry about a right side and a wrong side. So if the body of the hat is stockinette, instead of knit all rows, you have knit one row, purl the next. In a pattern that calls for all even rows to be knit, you’d make those the wrong side and purl them all. Anything else, you need to work what’s now your wrong side backwards from the original - both by knitting when it says purl or purling when it says knit and by working from the end of the row instructions to the beginning. If you’re just wanting to make stripes, I’d assume stockinette is all you’d need to worry about.