Converting from circular to straight needles

I’ve found many patterns that I’d like to try, but become discouraging because they call for circular needles, which so far I’m terrified to use. Can I use straight needles and still have the same results or what is exactly the purpose of only using circular needles. Please help:knitting:

Google for more explanations but they can be used to knit things round (either plain, or by the 2 circs or Magic Loop method), also to knit things flat! Visualise two straight needles connected by a string and knit flat on them like normal. You can’t drop and lose one, some people find them easier to hold, and in small spaces you don’t run out of room at your elbows.

There’s no need to be that afraid to try circular knitting. What is it that scares you about them? I’m sure we’ve all been there.

Basically you knit a tube with them, so when making sweaters, hats, socks, mittens or sleeves you don’t have to seam them. You can also knit flat with them, just like straight needles. There are videos here that show how to use them -

Thank you. Well, to be honest what really makes it difficult for me is the string because it starts getting curly and consequently the stitches become all twisted up and you know… pretty messy and difficult and with a feeling that the needles are in total control of myself, not the other way around. But I promise to keep trying, ok?

Oh that’s an easy one. Dip the cord in very hot water for a minute, then take it out and hold straight while it cools off. This may not straighten it completely, but enough to knit with. After a while the weight of what you’re knitting straightens it further.