Converting for socks!

Ok ladies! I need some help. I want to use silver’s tutorial to do a pair of socks for my “sister”. She’s got a rare disease and her feet are always cold. She wears a child’s size 12 shoes. I looked up on a conversion chart and it comes out to 7.14inches. How could I make this pattern work? Or does someone else have a suggestion for an easy sock that I could do? Her leg is realitively small b/c she has no muscle use.

She isn’t near me so I can’t measure the sock as I go either! Just thought you ladies may have some ideas. Thanks!


If you have the size (7 1/4") long, just follow Silver’s tutorial. When you get to 2" short of the 7 1/4" start the decrease for the toe. So at 5 1/4" you start to reduce for the toe.

I’m using Regia ringel at the moment for socks using Silvers tutorial. I am using 2.75mm DPNS and the sock looks pretty small / tight to me, but it does have a good bit of stretch to it. I think it’s going to stay up just fine.

The smaller the needle the finer the stitch.

Now that I Think about it though, I dont’ think 7 inches is right. That would be more like what I would wear. Hmmm I might have to measure a pair of children’s shoes. Do you think the leg portion will be too big? Maybe I should knit them with a size 5 needles with worsted weight yarn so they will be tighter?

Thanks for the advice!


I did my first pair with worsted weight yarn with size 7 DPNs. But then again she can’t walk so it’s not as though she’ll have the weight of the socks pulling down either.

I dont’ remember about the length, but when I did silver’s tutorial they seemed a little wide to me and I have wide feet. You could find a pattern over at (they have lots of children’s) and still use Silver’s tutorial to help you. Most socks are constructed basically the same way so I’m sure you’d be able to transfer her pics/numbers to the meaning in the pattern.

Also is there someone you could get to “sneak” an outline of her shoe? That might help with the overall sizing.

Thank you so much for that website. I found a pair of socks on there for children’s 9-10’s, I’ll just make the foot part slightly longer. Rachel doesn’t have shoes since she can’t walk… so if even if they are a bit small or big, it wont matter, they will help keep her feet warm! Thanks again!