Converting Fingerless to Fingered

Ok so im knitting a pair of fingerless gloves and want to make them with fingers, or half fingers actually but my question is the same regardless
So should I just take the opening at the top, divide it into four and knit fingers with each or should I take into consideration the size of the pinky is smaller??
Are there little tricks for the areas between fingers near the hand, im afraid that there will be hole from the sharp angle coming down from one finger and up the next immediately
Any input would be greatly appreciated
As always, ThanX

I would find a pattern for gloves and see how them do the separate fingers, if they’re all the same size or not, and how they construct the spaces between.

I’m making these and she has a great way to do the fingers! You can just leave off the flip top part.

A few years back Interweave Knits had a Progressive Gloves pattern. It showed you how to figure out everything. It had three different patterns fingerless, tipless, a full fingered gloves. They now offer it as a free downloadable PDF. I used it to knit my first pair of gloves. It really helped me understand glove construction.


ThanX everyone for all your help.
Leave it to interweave to have such amazing information. The PDF has answered [U][B]ALL[/B][/U] of my questions about fingers on gloves and other questions I didn’t even know I had :wink:
Thank you Sajomaro for digging up that link. :thumbsup: