converting a rib to moss stitch


I’m knitting a summer cardigan and want to convert the ribbed band on the bottom of the two fronts/back into moss stitch.

I assume I need to think about the number of stitches being cast on and that moss stitch will need more. But that is all I can do - assume I need to think about it - where I go from there is beyond me!

For the back I’m casting on 101 stitches and for the two fronts 51 each with the finished front width showing as 19.5 inches/50 cms.

I’d be grateful for any help on how to do this…

Many thanks for your help. Emma

I’d do a couple of swatches, same amount of stitches/rows but one rib and the other moss stitch, and see how they compare. I think you’re right to assume moss will need more to compensate for the loss of stretch you’d get from the rib.

I would not add more stitches. It would cause the bottom to go out as in a “skirt”. I would leave the stitch count as it is or if one really want to modify the stitch count I would slightly decrease in order to get the border more tight to the body. Moss stitch does pretty much stretch out to the same length as 1x1 rib, the only difference is that rib will pull itself together and thus rib will be slightly tighter around the body.

Since you have cast on an odd number of stitches, you just need to knit and purl alternately across each row, ending with a knit stitch.

Did you have a particular reason for wanting to change from rib stitch to moss stitch?



Thanks for the replies - super helpful.

I’m changing the pattern because I thought it would look good :slight_smile: and then having made that decision I started to realise that it might not be that simply after all.

Many thanks, Emma