Converting a pattern

Hey everyone! So I just went out and got all this stuff for this super rad easy blanket and I didn’t realize that I needed circular needles. :oo: I read the post that explained converting, but the pattern I’m using is as follows:

Row 1: K2 (P2,K2) to the end
Row 2: P2 (K2,P2) to the end

So do I technically need to convert it since it’s already flip flopped?

Thanks in advance… Great forum, by the way! I’m always creeping on here. :teehee:

Welcome to KH. Your afghan is knit flat. The reason for circular needles is that they’re longer and will hold the large number of stitches needed for a blanket. Just work it as written, making sure you don’t start working in the round by mistake.
Knitting Flat With Circular Needles