Converting a Pattern

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As you may know, I absolutely love double-knitting. I have found a pattern for a hat which uses circular needles and I want to knit in double-knit tubular style. The pattern refers to rows and to rounds and both appear to mean the same thing. My questions are: do they mean the same thing and if so, why use different terms for the same thing?

Here is a link to the pattern:




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Generally, when a pattern refers to rows it’s knit flat, when it talks about rounds, it’s knit in the round.

I read through the pattern. I believe the person that wrote out the pattern is using both words to mean rounds. As in going around in a circle. I didn’t look, but maybe there is an email link and you could email them directly.

I just went ahead and made a start on this pattern. I haven’t got very far, so can’t say so far if it’s working out. I’m just assuming that the terms ‘row’ and ‘round’ are used interchangeably, but will email the designer if I have any problems.

Thanks for everyone’s advice!


At the end there’s no mention of seaming, so it is knit in the round. And step 1 says to join in the round.