Converting a pattern from flat knitting to knit in the round

I see plenty of patterns that are knit flat which say “it can easily be adapted to knitting in the round”, but they never say “how”, and I don’t know how. :shrug:

I adore this little baby hat pattern, but it’s knit flat on two straight needles. I abhor seaming, and would rather knit it in the round. Can anyone tell me what, specifically, I’d need to do? :pray: :smiley:

here’s what I would do… maybe not what everyone would do.

To make sure that your ribbing all works out well, you need to cast on a multiple of 4 (88 st instead of 90).
every round for 4 inches, you’re going to K2, P2

here’s where it gets a little harder because you want the decreases to be even around the hat. 88 is a multiple of 8 so we’ll use that as our multiple.

for the broken rib pattern, you will
round 1: k1, p1
round 2: K
round 3: k1, p1
round 4: k6, k2tog repeat to end
odd rounds: repeat round 1
round 6: k5, k2tog
round 8: k4, k2tog
round 10: k3, k2tog
round 12: k2, k2tog
round 14: k1, k2tog
round 15: k2tog repeat across, you will have one stitch left. k2tog this with the next stitch on the needle.

this will leave you with 4 stitches. make your I-cord and you’re done.

Sandra Ellen, thank you so much! I could never have figured that out. :doh:

I’m going to give it a try. :thumbsup:

You’re very welcome! Enjoy!